Step 1: Select layout design.

The 2x6 inch strip style and the 4x6 inch post card style prints are included in all packages.
The strip style prints 2 copies and the postcard style prints 1 copy.
We can print doubles for the postcard style at additional $50. The 6x8 inch large format style are additional $100.

Step 2: Select a backdrop.

The Standard Backdrops are included in all packages.
The Premium Backdrops are additional $50 for the damask pattern backdrops and $100 for the multicolor mermaid backdrops.

Step 3: Design the graphics.

Select message (name, date, event info, etc)
Select font style (www.dafont.com, www.1001freefonts.com)
Select font colors (please google exact colors)
Select background. You can keep it simple or add lots of graphic. Just let us know your theme and provide any images you would like to incorporate into the graphics.

You are also welcome to create the graphics yourself. Just let us know which layout you would like and we will provide you with the specs for you to create the template.

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